Introduction to Trauma Exposed Professionals

Developed By
Dr. Tim Black, R. Psych.

This course has been designed for healthcare providers in an effort to highlight the unique work environments that are considered routine for those who serve in our Canadian Armed Forces and Public Safety professions.

The course will increase learner competencies in the Military/PSP - Civilian Divide, Military/PSP culture and will provide culturally specific clinical approaches to support the complex mental health needs of those who serve Canada at home and abroad.

Introduction to Trauma Exposed professionals was developed in partnership with the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families. The Atlas Institute builds strong community networks to create a system of the best possible supports and services for veterans, first responders and their families.

Wounded Warriors Canada is grateful for their support.

We have currently reached capacity on subsidized spots for this training. If you support Veterans, contact us to be added to the waiting list if additional no cost spots become available.  Contact Us

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About this course

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Dr. Tim Black

National Clinical Director

Dr. Black has been a trauma and group counselling specialist, educator, clinician, researcher, and program developer for over 20 years. In the first part of his career as a tenured Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology in one of the top counselling psychology graduate programs in Canada, Tim taught, published, and conducted research focused on Trauma Exposed Professionals (TExP).

He has worked as a community-engaged researcher/practitioner beyond the halls of academia with Veteran and First Responder communities, local and national organizations, and has co-developed multiple national programs for TExP’s and their families (TExFam). Tim now serves as Wounded Warriors Canada’s National Clinical Director.


“"Dr. Black's course is a must-do for practitioners working with trauma exposed professionals. He gives practitioners meaningful strategies grounded in research and supported with examples from his own practice. His delivery was warm and engaging and he exuded a quiet confidence that is reassuring in a both a therapeutic setting and an instructional one. By the end of the course, you can thoughtfully enhance your counselling practice with the reminders and tools he provides."”


““The presenter was clear, comfortable, knowledgeable, and relatable. The content was so easy to implement, moments after I had learned the break down of working through a traumatic story, I was able to put this into practice. And WHOA! did it ever work! Not only did it work, but it saved me (being a very empathic person and peer supporter) to not have to hang onto hard feelings, or hold onto those emotions for them, because I knew I had a tool to close out the story being provided to me.””